Highly efficient – Easy to operate – High compatibility

 „In full control“

The tried and trusted temperature controller series made in Saxony read more


is a tried and trusted temperature controller series made in Saxony.
The ECOTIMER brand name stands for maximum compatibility, high efficiency and user convenience.

  • High compatibility

  • Really saves money

  • Technology made in Saxony

Why EcoTimer®?

  • Open window sensor

    The heating circuit is turned off when the window is opened
  • Customised interface design

    The user interface is tailored to the needs of the customer


  • Powerline Module

    No load from WLAN or bluetooth radio waves, no additional installation effort, no losses in transmission, no range problems
  • Smart-home connection

    App control via tablet/smartphone or PC, self-learning
  • Product branding

    Integration of your company logo into product and packaging in accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • Saving heating costs

    Permanent reduction of your heating costs
  • Reliability

    24 months manufacturer’s warranty, support throughout Germany
  • Environmentally conscious

    Economical and efficient use of heating materials
  • Manufacturer service

    Support throughout Germany


  • User convenience

    Easy to operate, clear display
  • Maximum compatibility

    with switch systems from renowned manufacturers, e.g.: Busch-Jaeger, Gira, Merten, Jung, Berker, Peha, ELSO, Siemens
  • Long service life

    Extremely long service life – more than 100,000 switching cycles
  • Made in Germany

    Made in Saxony
  • Customised settings

    Multi-colour display, colour selection by way of RGB LEDs, personal comfort temperature
in full control