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Introducing HRT

HRT Hausregeltechnik GmbH was founded by Dr. Bertold Romacker in 1992 and has since then been a symbol for innovations in the field of temperature control technology in buildings. Through development of the ECOTIMER® controller series, the company has worked on technologies to reduce energy consumption for room heating from the very beginning. We develop, produce and distribute electronic controllers with and without timer function which control the room and floor temperatures individually in accordance with your requirements.

Thanks to continuous further development of our products, we can offer the complete range of electronic temperature controllers for installation in concealed standard mounting boxes. We always devoted special attention to ease of operation of our controllers. Our temperature controllers are the perfect answer to continuously increasing heating costs since energy can be saved thanks to purposeful room heating control.

In 2011, Dr. Romacker retired as managing director and responsibility for the company was placed in new hands. The new management, with Mr. Ingo Appelt at the helm, continues to pursue the goal of reducing heating energy consumption – and consequently of sparing our natural resources - with constant further developments. Over the past years, the controller technologies have undergone repeated improvement, mirroring the growing demands in terms of environment protection and digitalisation.

The introduction of ECOTIMER® P heralded a new level of developments in controller technology. This new generation of universal controllers opens up new perspectives: Energy-efficient control, low energy costs, permanent control and analysis of the heating behaviour, and controlled and simple access to the controller technology are only a few advantages. The ECOTIMER® P can easily be embedded in your home network via the existing electricity grid by way of the Powerline Module so that range problems, losses in transmission, and harmful environmental load arising from radio waves are thus a matter of the past.

To be able to guarantee a high quality standard, we continue to manufacture our temperature controllers in Germany and can promise that every single unit which leaves the factory has been subjected to a 100% quality and function check. Our customers can always rely on HRT Hausregeltechnik GmbH and its ECOTIMER® temperature controllers.

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